Commit 00addc73 authored by Neil Williams's avatar Neil Williams 💬

Fix lookup for grubmenuselector interrupt prompt

Change-Id: I65369cb1dda0c6391e11ec70f2aa40747eb12f9d
parent 41f7d58d
......@@ -241,8 +241,9 @@ class GrubMenuSelector(UefiMenuSelector): # pylint: disable=too-many-instance-a
super(GrubMenuSelector, self).validate()
def run(self, connection, max_end_time, args=None):
# Needs to get the interrupt_prompt from the bootloader device config
interrupt_prompt = self.params['parameters'].get(
'interrupt_prompt', self.job.device.get_constant('grub-autoboot-prompt'))
'interrupt_prompt', self.job.device.get_constant('interrupt-prompt', prefix='grub'))
self.logger.debug("Adding '%s' to prompt", interrupt_prompt)
connection.prompt_str = interrupt_prompt
# override base class behaviour to interact with grub.
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