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Update development notes for Python3

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......@@ -96,10 +96,8 @@ Static code analysis
It is essential to run ``pep8 --ignore E501`` routinely on your local
changes as ``./ci-run`` will fail on any PEP8 errors.
.. note:: There can be differences in behaviour between ``pep8`` in Jessie
and in Stretch or unstable. All reviews are tested using Jessie.
changes as ``./ci-run`` will fail on any PEP8 errors. All automated tests
occur using Debian Stretch.
It is important to run tools like :ref:`pylint <pylint_tool>`, particularly
when adding new files, to check for missing or unused imports. Other analysis
......@@ -700,7 +698,7 @@ Python3 support in LAVA is related to a number of factors:
* Forthcoming LTS releases of django which will remove support for python2.7
* Deprecating Debian Jessie and moving development support to Stretch.
* Debian Jessie is now unsupported and development has moved to Stretch.
* Transition within Debian to full python3 support.
......@@ -712,10 +710,8 @@ lava-dispatcher and lava-server now support python3 testing. Code changes to
either codebase **must** be Python3 compatible to not break the unit tests when
run using python3.
LAVA is not yet ready to use python 3.x support at runtime.
All reviews run the ``lava-dispatcher`` and ``lava-server`` unit tests against
python 3.x and changes must pass without breaking compatibility with python 2.x
python 3.x and changes must pass all unit tests.
The ``./ci-run`` script for ``lava-dispatcher`` and ``lava-server`` can run
the unit tests using Python3::
......@@ -723,8 +719,8 @@ the unit tests using Python3::
./ci-run -a
Some additional Python3 dependencies will be required. In particular,
``python3-django-auth-ldap`` will need to be installed from
``python3-django-auth-ldap`` and ``python3-django-testscenarios`` will need to
be installed from ``stretch-backports``.
.. warning:: Django wil be dropping python2.7 support with the 2.2LTS release,
*frozen* instances of LAVA will not be able to use django updates after that
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