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Add note for bug in LXC templates on Stretch

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......@@ -224,6 +224,42 @@ container.
.. note:: To apply configurations system wide for all LXC devices attached to
the dispatcher use ``/etc/lxc/default.conf`` file.
.. index:: lxc on arm64 stretch
.. _lxc_arch_distro:
Architecture and distribution issues
If you are configuring a LAVA instance with a range of dispatchers, there can
be issues if those dispatchers are both ``amd64`` and ``arm64`` architectures.
On Debian Stretch, the ``lxc`` package does not support mapping the kernel
architecture name (``aarch64``) to the Debian release architecture name
(``arm64``). This mapping has been added to newer versions of LXC.
$ sudo lxc-create -t debian -n server-unittests -- --release stretch -a arm64
Once the cache exists, test jobs do not need to specify the arch again:
$ sudo lxc-create -t debian -n server-unittests -- --release stretch
However, the cache will invalidate from time to time, so this is an
administrative burden.
To avoid this burden, admins can choose to have two LXC device-types defined
with slightly different health checks and test jobs to specify the
.. seealso::
If all dispatchers on a master are ``arm64``, simply change the ``lxc.jinja2``
template to specify the architecture for all test jobs as ``arm64``.
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