Commit 414861e1 authored by Neil Williams's avatar Neil Williams 💬

LAVA-1138 - panic not recorded by auto-login-action

Ensure that the full list of kernel messages are added to the
results so that if the action then times out, the details matched
from the kernel messages are recorded as test case metadata.

Change-Id: If77f6e186583aaaf6e334089dce0e58884f7b1f2
parent 7a936509
......@@ -211,6 +211,10 @@ class AutoLoginAction(Action):
parsed = LinuxKernelMessages.parse_failures(connection, self, max_end_time=max_end_time)
if len(parsed) and 'success' in parsed[0]:
self.results = {'success': parsed[0]['success']}
if len(parsed) > 1:
# errors detected.
self.logger.warning("Kernel warnings or errors detected.")
self.results = {'extra': parsed}
elif not parsed:
self.results = {'success': "No kernel warnings or errors detected."}
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