Commit 52ac66fa authored by Matt Hart's avatar Matt Hart Committed by Neil Williams

Make waiting for a bootloader prompt optional

Don't attempt to detect if a device needs interrupting, instead have a device config option which can be overridden.

Change-Id: Iab2e57f2c833ede54ed87084137cbe8301bfd71f
parent 25859894
......@@ -604,6 +604,7 @@ class BootloaderInterruptAction(Action):
self.errors = "Missing bootloader prompt for device"
self.bootloader_prompt = self.params['bootloader_prompt']
self.interrupt_prompt = self.params.get('interrupt_prompt', self.job.device.get_constant('interrupt-prompt', prefix=self.method))
self.needs_interrupt = self.params.get('needs_interrupt', True)
# interrupt_char can actually be a sequence of ASCII characters - sendline does not care.
self.interrupt_char = None
if self.method != 'ipxe':
......@@ -616,15 +617,18 @@ class BootloaderInterruptAction(Action):
if not connection:
raise LAVABug("%s started without a connection already in use" %
connection = super(BootloaderInterruptAction, self).run(connection, max_end_time, args)
connection.prompt_str = [self.interrupt_prompt, self.bootloader_prompt]
res = self.wait(connection)
if res == 0:
if self.needs_interrupt:
connection.prompt_str = self.interrupt_prompt
if self.interrupt_control_chars:
for char in self.interrupt_control_chars:
else:"Not interrupting bootloader, waiting for bootloader prompt")
connection.prompt_str = self.bootloader_prompt
self.set_namespace_data(action='interrupt', label='interrupt', key='at_bootloader_prompt', value=True)
return connection
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