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LAVA-1167 document the 'history' feature

This allow to remove .git directory from the overlay.

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......@@ -124,6 +124,30 @@ will fail.
shallow: False
Removing git history
The size of the overlay can be an issue for jobs running on small devices.
By default, when cloning test definition from a git repository, LAVA will keep
the **.git** directory.
If needed, this directory can be removed from the overlay by setting
``history`` to **false**.
.. code-block:: yaml
- test:
failure_retry: 3
minutes: 10
name: kvm-basic-singlenode
- repository:
from: git
path: lava-test-shell/single-node/singlenode03.yaml
name: singlenode-advanced
history: False
Sharing the contents of test definitions
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