Commit 782e69d4 authored by Neil Williams's avatar Neil Williams 💬 Committed by Matt Hart

Allow skipping of kernel_start_message

Some fastboot kernel boots are quiet and produce no start message.
Also convert variable to a local as it is not used outside this

Change-Id: I9f87d403f0a673c348183542cf75db840d5bbec5
parent 00addc73
......@@ -228,8 +228,11 @@ class AutoLoginAction(Action):
# use lazy logging or the string will not be quoted correctly.
if 'parameters' in self.job.device['actions']['boot']['methods'][self.method]:
self.params = self.job.device['actions']['boot']['methods'][self.method]['parameters']
self.kernel_start_message = self.job.device.get_constant('kernel-start-message')
connection.prompt_str = [self.kernel_start_message]
kernel_start_message = self.parameters.get(
'parameters', {}).get(
'kernel-start-message', self.job.device.get_constant('kernel-start-message'))
if kernel_start_message:
connection.prompt_str = [kernel_start_message]
if self.params and self.params.get('boot_message', None):
self.logger.warning("boot_message is being deprecated in favour of kernel-start-message in constants")
connection.prompt_str = [self.params.get('boot_message')]
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