Commit d5dc6418 authored by Rémi Duraffort's avatar Rémi Duraffort

ssh: fix comparison

The test was always passing.

Change-Id: I2ea2144a0d4ef1f6bfaeee07901e4dffc736469c
parent b3e4d794
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ class ScpOverlay(DeployAction):
self.items = [
'firmware', 'kernel', 'dtb', 'rootfs', 'modules'
if not self.test_has_shell:
if not self.test_has_shell(self.parameters):
self.errors = "Scp overlay needs a test action."
lava_test_results_base = self.parameters['deployment_data']['lava_test_results_dir']
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