Commit ebbd717b authored by Neil Williams's avatar Neil Williams 💬

Remove spurious conditional in autologin

Fix 4d4458 to remove the spurious overwriting of the prompts.
The X15 does not need this change and it breaks hikey 960
(and hikey 620 with the new firmware).

Change-Id: I5505602c9ed41cd7c40bd215b3c4880dea313b68
parent d5dc6418
......@@ -244,8 +244,6 @@ class AutoLoginAction(Action):
'kernel-start-message', self.job.device.get_constant('kernel-start-message'))
if kernel_start_message:
connection.prompt_str = [kernel_start_message]
connection.prompt_str = self.parameters.get('prompts', [])
if self.params and self.params.get('boot_message', None):
self.logger.warning("boot_message is being deprecated in favour of kernel-start-message in constants")
connection.prompt_str = [self.params.get('boot_message')]
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