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      Prevent mistaken fixup of device reservation · 4a1b8f5f
      Neil Williams authored
      If a device moves quickly from Reserved to Running, the
      validate_idle check can mistakenly set the device status back to
      Reserved which then allows a second job, typically a health check,
      to start running on the same device, later to fail when it finds
      the serial connection is already in use.
      Change-Id: I0c6a427bd29a25c5cc91bdd63123d9c986162e58
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    • stevanradakovic's avatar
      Add log file argument to dispatcher-master command. · c9f65507
      stevanradakovic authored
      Enable setting the log file path while keeping the
      hard-coded default.
      Change-Id: Ib6370e3d2c735b200e2440b14b5c95e50333f2d5
    • Jan-Simon Moeller's avatar
      LAVA xnbd protocol support and documentation for nbd boot · b27f60c4
      Jan-Simon Moeller authored
      This is the companion to
      We include these changes:
      - Add a new protocol called 'lava-xnbd' to the schema.
        This will be used to expose a filesystem image via nbd
        (network block device, xnbd-server) to the DUT.
        This is required when the target uses extended filesystem
        attributes which are not supported through nfs.
      - Add the initrd parameter.
        In contrast to the 'ramdisk' which is usually a cpio.gz,
        an 'initrd' is a full filesystem image e.g. ext4.
        This is needed when the system uses xattr e.g. for
        security labels also in the 'initrd' already.
        The 'initrd' needs to stay unmodified.
      - Add documentation.
      v4: make u-boot entries shorter and use double-quotes
      v3: fix base-uboot.jinja2 (u-boot cmdline too long)
      v2: squash into one and add documentation
      Change-Id: Ib031d9beed6ed25fa262eeb4b9be5ca7cb793112
      Signed-off-by: Jan-Simon Moeller's avatarJan-Simon Möller <>
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      Integration of Hikey 960 · 1fecd500
      Neil Williams authored
      Although the device uses UEFI, there is no menu to interrupt
      or process. Instead, go directly to grub from fastboot.
      Change-Id: Ib3ab35730e17cfc8cffb103e47fe529529e901ca
  13. 03 Aug, 2017 1 commit
    • Senthil Kumaran S's avatar
      CTT-441 - lava-lxc-device-* don't work properly · 7398abd4
      Senthil Kumaran S authored
      Remove calls to wait-usb-add and lxc-add-device which should happen
      transparently with the introduction of per job udev rules to manage device
      addition and removal to LXC.
      Change-Id: I5723681b7bef27cb30ba17be9a4f4c7d6c05e9e9
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