Labels can be applied to issues, merge requests, and epics. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • ToDo
    Prioritise this issue
  • Technical Debt
    Addressing a FIXME, TODO or other long term issue which may take time to complete.
  • Security
  • Release
    Issue or merge request needs to be resolved before the next release
  • New Feature
    Lower priority enhancement request
  • Needs changes
    Merge request has unresolved comments from reviewer(s)
  • Migrated
    Issue was migrated from
  • Linaro
    Stakeholder(s) include Linaro
  • lavafed
    Issues relating to LAVA Federated Functional Testing
  • Documentation
    Issue or merge request relates primarily to documentation
  • Debian
    Issues relating to Debian packaging
  • Database changes
    An issue or merge request includes one or more new database migrations.
  • Community Support
    Related to the migration off to
  • Collabora
    Stakeholder(s) include Collabora