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  • 2020.07 protected   LAVA Software 2020.07 release
  • debian/2020.06-2 protected   lava Debian release 2020.06-2
  • debian/2020.06-1 protected   lava Debian release 2020.06-1
  • 2020.06 protected   LAVA Software 2020.06 release
  • debian/2020.05-1 protected   lava Debian release 2020.05-1
    0362969d · Release ·
  • 2020.05 protected   LAVA Software 2020.05 release
  • 2020.04 protected   LAVA Software 2020.04 release
  • 2020.02 protected   LAVA Software 2020.02 release
  • 2020.01 protected   LAVA Software 2020.01 release
  • 2019.12 protected   LAVA Software 2019.12 release
  • 2019.11 protected   LAVA Software 2019.11 release
  • 2019.10 protected   LAVA Software 2019.10 release
  • 2019.09 protected   LAVA Software 2019.09 release
    Release 2019.09
    655a34159 Fix device_type reference for TestJob object.
    757fe4824 Revert xmlrpc API changes to device and device_type
    73edd10c8 device-types: allow for custom commands to enter
              DFU mode
    181823456 device-types: add meson-g12a-u200
    dd1089b78 Fix up Debian changelog
    8db19f175 Prepare for 2019.08 release.
    6024fde6e u-boot: use array instead of sting concatenation
    b59fc8f4c Update migration file after rebase.
    b5a95b195 Remove any viewing_group table altering.
    8a6de0c6a Minor fixes.
    710594762 Reorganize public and private jobs view permissions.
    fb072474a Fix UI issues for visibility and superuser access when
              viewing_groups is set.
    6ac164a89 Add is_public filter to test job manager for
    af960012d Fix rebase issue.
    654773fbc Reduce number of queries for device and device type
    f62d1f647 Remove bogus clean() override from Device model.
    3c232a0cc Fix copy-paste issue for error strings.
    ab53069d7 Auth refactoring.
    7c3c02c6b Move remaining device-types to etc/
    c118900dc Move device-types to etc/dispatcher-config/device-types/
    31e8ac83c Remove the dependency on django-hijack
    bcaca0faa device-types: ox820-cloudengines-pogoplug-series-3:
              Change ramdisk address
    f89512958 device-type: add pineh64
    07aece72b Allow to set extra_nfsroot_args in every templates
    6c6e5205a is_authenticated is a variable and not a function
              anymore Signed-off-by: Rémi Duraffort <remi.duraffort@linaro.org>
    6c5b8afbe Add user setting for default table length
    d75038bf9 device-types: add more amlogic boards
    495d8423e device-type: adds meson-gxl-s905d-p230
  • 2019.08 protected   LAVA Software 2019.08 release
    ca93c46a · Retry the 2019.08 release ·
  • 2019.07 protected   LAVA Software 2019.06 release
  • 2019.06 protected   LAVA Software 2019.06 release
  • 2019.05.post1 protected   Large logs download hotfix.
    Release 2019.05.post1
    dac8ef3cc Pass iterator to StreamingHttpReponse.
  • 2019.05 protected   LAVA Software 2019.05 release
    Release 2019.05
    5e4a36956 jobs compress: create the output.yaml.size file
              if needed.
    412b73788 device-type: add SoCA9 from Schneider
    aab54ce66 Revert "Auth refactoring part 1."
    396c7342f logutils: test the module functions
    15bb54214 logutils: only create the index when needed
    ed60e521b Add a command line helper to compress logs
    e19c9a2cf Read logs from either output.yaml or output.yaml.xz
    41672feee job logs: replace TestJob.output_file by logutils
    c3bf98bd6 job: remove unused/uneeded job_file_present variable
    c5c881347 Remove the archived_job_file function
    1e32ed252 LAVA branding: add possibility to include custom CSS
    417c8b14b release: add a script to remove old docker images
    0e08fa08e Clean up obsolete conffiles causing piuparts failures
    1e9778114 Present the codeclimate data in human readable format
    2fa918740 schema: the job visibility is required.
    2fbc72031 Order aliases by name when rendering
    1a10f4903 scheduler.jobs.validate: fix return value
    e7ce9d63c schema: allow admins to extend the white list of
              context variable
    a615696cb lava-schema: factorize and allow to check device config
    0c68b065c schema: add a device schema into lava_common
    1ac122efe Add fastboot support to the meson-g12a-sei510
    56583c703 debian: remove unused or redondant files
    9654c526a Remove permission object support from
              GroupObjectPermission methods.
    8d13f2def Change API to update single object permissions.
    f365005b1 Small code review changes.
    444404943 Add LAVAServerError exception tree.
    7c533d5c4 Remove shortened codename support.
    c991c3c5c Auth refactoring part 1.
    c2acdbdd8 debian: remove unused py3dist overrides
    dadce92a6 doc: fix sample job schema
    c505f1322 schema: add missing uboot_needs_interrupt to the context
    ccfbf2aed schema: fix boot.minimal by adding reset and auto_login
    b17b24e94 schema: also validate the multinode context variable
    0f13bc60a Change notification CharField types to TextField instead
    4be183e2d unittests.sh was renamed to dispatcher-unittests.sh.
    d6b642471 Partially revert 3d0ddb402 to fix some tables issues
    ff613da21 device: improve the recent test jobs table
    e21f2ddbb Use .exists() instead of len(.all())
    bb3ca4525 XMLRPC API: fix crash in scheduler.aliases
    85fc254b7 schema: fix remaining syntax error in the sample jobs
    9cccb2e3a docs: Update docs for DeviceType alias
    5b6424218 scheduler: add test for alias submissions
    62c0e08ec scheduler/api: fix XML-RPC API for Aliases
    ec74e9ed7 scheduler: avoid device type-alias name conflict
    3d0ddb402 scheduler: modify alias to be 1-many relation
    a6e9c6d2f lava-slave: add an option to use a socks proxy
    7a18fc022 schema: allow uboot_extra_error_message in the context
    711a20131 schema: fix definition of test definition option
    b0088485c doc: fix emphasis
    aefc87b26 Improve the README and use markdown for Gitlab rendering
    a4b350516 fix pyocd boot action method to print out version of
              binary used
    c045401d1 Do not use minified version of JS and CSS files
    55afae484 schema: add "new_connection" boot method
    ed4eeda0a doc: add missing label
    851b4bc33 version.py: fix git check when using worktrees
    72b9dd18c Change the 'fastboot_sequence'
    383525981 user commands: use run_cmd instead of run_command
    b1c84a1d6 validate: allow to report invalid jobs to admins
    82aa705b8 Fix multinode jobs validation
    b10bc826f Use the static template function
    d48ba02c6 Make USB/DFU/UDEV timeouts into Infra Errors
    643180264 debian: list every minimun versions for buster
    0dd5dc1d6 lava_common: remove unused dependency on pyzmq
    f1c1372ca doc: fix syntax to match schema
    759740e1c device-types: rpi: allow extra space for kernel image
    3bd8f0d8a Fix file permissions
    8139950b1 Remove USE_TEMPLATE_CACHE option
    44c5e6ca5 scheduler: update rzn1d device-type to boot zImage
    3fced42f5 Fix the dtb/ramdisk addresses
    750d8f298 Document the "command" action block
    0447e8327 doc: replace lava-tool by lavacli whenever possible
    8c73a28ed Update packaging for dashboard removal
    1c6be7f71 Remove leftover from v1 dashboard
    cc7e86fa7 Remove dashboard_app
    c4a4c3e3b device-type: add da850-lcdk
    3a16ca954 Remove admin_notifications field
    1a20620be CI: do not build anymore multiarch images
    796c98eb3 CI: fix tag selection
    cc2bc7509 add systemd support for lava-os-build
    a7c483bdb Add overriding resets_after_flash to support newer
              FRDM-K64F boards
    537773c9e TestJob duration: return only seconds (and not
    5ae7f5a1a Add a helper script for Debian release
    4b2c07da7 Fix broken seealso syntax in docs
    447bc9344 doc/v2/timeouts: fix http-download action name typos
  • 2019.04 protected   LAVA Software 2019.04 release
    Release 2019.04
    ec8e42c5f schema: vadidate context dictionnary
    2e6964c17 device-types: fix board name imx53-qsbr -> imx53-qsrb
    52e55a805 Tweak the reprepro-release.sh script again
    73ad6ef10 Update the home page contents
    d929cc8f9 Upgrade jQuery to v3.4.0 after the last security issue
    8dd24244e Revert "device-types: base: detect TFTP ERROR: File not
    215a9ca04 Revert "device-types: use array instead of sting
    976541d3a Update docs, adding more references to apt.lavasoftware.org
    d0e9d7279 GitHelper: when failing, print git command stdout/stderr
    e5671dbf1 u-boot-dfu tests: skip if dfu-util is not available
    0b660a124 lava shell helpers: fix shellcheck warnings
    7f02689c2 Allow to use u-boot based dfu instead of the hardware one
    f81e83f31 qemu: Add an ID to the qemu storage
    e063102e2 Convert offset and limit query parameters to ints
    6363d1020 results: use yaml CDumper instead of the python dumper
    d259def87 Fix documentation about template caching
    2dbb0e059 device-types: use array instead of sting concatenation
    0b3f671bf Fix crash when validating an invalid multinode job
    0b6550d6f sample jobs: improve syntax
    7c38216ea Schema: remove "live" argument
    7e0a8e415 Fix file permissions
    562be7cc6 Remove unused allow_modify from grub-nbd sample job
    6f25a8086 device-types: add socfpga-cyclone5-socrates device
    660b5b126 device-types: add ar9331-dpt-module device
    81fa52c07 device-types: add dove-cubox device
    65dacd712 device-types: add imx6dl-riotboard device
    4566a4639 device-types: add imx53-qsbr device
    7b1d2d0b9 device-types: add imx27-phytec-phycard-s-rdk device
    2735228e1 device-types: add imx28-duckbill device
    91abf4c2c device-types: add imx23-olinuxino device
    efec57256 sample_jobs: add barebox job definitions
    7b8e78b3c device-types: add parameters section to barebox type
    b8102f433 device-types: add helper for barebox test and use on
    ca800a7b6 xmlrpc: do not raise if jobs.list is empty
    705d0aeeb schema: improve inline test definition schema
    f5e06bf7d lava-schema: print yaml syntax errors
    000420042 schema: allow for auto_login in fastboot and kexec
    29708cbb0 schema: allow for no compression
    883e24be4 schema: enforce that every actions of a multinode use roles
    e9fe783bf Show validation warnings when (re)submitting jobs in the web
    c3f8993fe Add NBD support to grub
    07a693eaf device-types: minnowboard-common: permit to override
    52c9f1ce8 device-types:: allow to change bootloader prompt at device
    b3864a998 schema: accept zero MultiNode role count
    78de67ce0 schema: accept test action parameters
    5143b42f3 device-types: add sun5i-a13-olinuxino-micro
    7403ddfd4 Remove all links to lavapdu and improve PDUDaemon docs
    613038ccd doc: fix typo on --passwd argument
    c56ab79e5 schema: add deploy.overlay module
    5043f5e83 doc: make the message toward 3rd party packaging more
    0140f42f3 Remove unsed argument
    86a923cde Fix version/arch computation in docker debian-slim variants
    79d239060 CI: use new sast template provided by gitlab
    fce87ba18 cubietruck: use a longer bootloader prompt
    83de037f0 Improve sql efficiency when generating lab report
    4bab2f601 Improve "lava-server manage check"
    714cdb587 Move back adduser call from postinst.py to
    668d132c6 device-types: base: detect TFTP ERROR: File not found
    5bf642e3b scheduler: added AM6 device type
    eb784fa69 Remove the top-level links from the docs
    22f816bbb Add extra doc template code to add rel="canonical" links
    95b43d160 boot minimal: allow to skip reseting the device
    54f00eea7 Fix kexec boot failure
    4819cb9db lava-test-raise: fix shell syntax
    d718a4a9d device-type: add meson-g12a-x96-max
    0f29a3e9e device-type: add meson-g12a-sei510
    386c29ea0 device-type: add new meson-g12-common
    affccf663 auto login: fix the prompts list after login
    bcb243c65 debian: remove dependencies to unused jquery libs
    eece2782b CI: skip debian specific tests if dpkg-query is not
    f2fdfa0f9 Improve error message
    c974a8859 scheduler: rename rzn1 to rzn1d
    b2cebf9a1 Only deploy the LAVA docs on a tag
    a7a3f1f2f schema: allow namespace in user commands
    f5b6edf73 Use enumerate whenever possible
    f44347ce9 Remove "-master" (branch name) in docker tags
    e09d68f19 Fix argument typo.
    7cd503803 lava_scheduler_app: add barebox test
    9ba1c02eb device-types: add imx6ul-pico-hobbit device
    9e7a7ecd2 device-types: add base-barebox for typical barebox setup
    6fda3991d dispatcher: add barebox boot action
    1a6bca180 REST API: translate dictionary values to human readable form
    e3b6fde17 Remove /etc/lava-dispatcher/lava-dispatcher.conf
    2b0c7569e Upgrade bootstrap to v3.4.1
    4cf162244 Use bootstrap minified css file
    10396e6a0 release: add the script to push docker containers to docker
    2a7e17ab6 check: fix the check for systemd existence
    bf4dc683e check: fix a crash when the uid is unknown
    443a8b87b Add validate helper to manage jobs support
    58eb62334 Remove unused imports
    f51d9d000 rest-api: also list workers
    2e7cae991 Add --host argument to pg_isready command call
    b5090e4d9 debian/lava-dispatcher.dirs: remove usr/sbin
    936541ff6 Fix typo in lava-modules.conf install path
  • 2019.03 protected   LAVA Software 2019.03 release
    Release 2019.03
    60b9c653f checks: fix crash if the cmdline is not in the expected format
    86cfe1ac2 Update reprepro-release.sh
    6129fe7c0 tweak reprepro-release for new directory
    b0cf8d779 rzn1: allow to boot using a fit image available over tftp
    3e4faf6e1 Add qcs404-evb-1k-specific health check and fix a typo
    9fd571b3e Fix crash in "check --deploy"
    07a89fab3 device-type: Add Qualcomm's qcs404-1k and qcs404-4k
    dcf3f2c6c debian: lava meta pkg: allow to use chrony instead of ntp
    2d8e09126 (codehelp/master) schema: improve schema validator
    8fa55d888 xmlrpc: allow to validate job definition schema
    5aa407f04 Add default volumes for lava-slave-docker types
    8f2a8cbe6 schema: move validate function to lava_common.schema
    0b38b5805 Update copyright years across the LAVA source tree
    5c17463e1 Package lava-schema.py in lava-common
    a846ad088 Provide symlink for favicon
    785906e1b Make timeout check non-fatal
    6373b6869 lava-schema: allow to read from stdin
    25812ecc7 schema: allow for any objects for test def params
    861ec2fb3 Revert change to USE_X_FORWARDED_HOST
    f26f61ee7 Avoid spurious boot command list warning
    4915231e4 Skip analysis jobs on tags
    d53814cc0 Add docs on advanced Apache and container usage
    b42520584 Mention lava-lxc-mocker in docs
    93828f63d device-types: add Intel upsquare
    170dc7547 device-types: add pine64+
    f1bbb9bb8 lava-server-gunicorn: allow to set the bind address
    354077cb4 Schema: handle recovery deploy and boot methods
    ae39f9004 Schema: add deploy to "download" method
    7b9119bd7 CI check more sample jobs
    168c4db20 Bump version of django-tables2 backport
    1b0749092 Fix more sample jobs and ad schroot boot
    e30c2f03d Fix typo
    ea2987a08 Fix error in maintenance breadcrumb
    291aa4ddb Make kernel messages wait sensitive to force_prompt
    f3adeb798 Add cls.LT and cls.EXACT to models.DateTimeField
    84ad3683a Check health-check YAML and schema
    9299d5263 REST API: test /junit
    1d5ea3cf7 Require python3-junitxml >= 1.8 for REST API calls
    dc5a6fe48 templates: handle multinode vs singlenode
    5f01a79c6 CI: run pylint to find common errors
    00db03351 Fix some crashes found by pylint3
    5a92736ad CI: test templates against the schema
    3b5c9d5ef Add extra U-Boot bootloader error
    2929ba8f3 Raise the codeclimate complexity threshold
    d84756688 apache2: send the right cache-control headers when available
    3cc42420f rzn1: do not set uboot_needs_interrupt explicitely
    656666cb7 maintenance: fix crash after new state machine
    00cea9df4 Device/Worker: remove deprecated method
    576146730 Fix missing imports
    32960bdd5 Handle duplicate listings in requires
    19fdfd969 Move get_domain() to dbutils
    01d354d1b img2simg and simg2img now available in a new package
    bb62625f3 Fixup changes in the bandit overrides
    ae25f1fe1 Update copyright for recent changes
    4c33f7a54 Wait for the prompt when using shell on DUT
    5662f734a code_quality: install radeo in the setup step
    19bda4ac5 Support using radon to output code-climate data
    489bc8416 schema: check namespace syntax
    6406e1368 Improve inline test schema
    0ae489101 Schema: check that jobs with secrets are not public
    36d7f4ebb Check that timeouts are shorter than job timeout
    fd225060e Improve schema validator
    3a2fc459b Prevent action.timeout exceeding job.timeout
    e6bfc3f43 Allow check --deploy inside Docker
    69053fb82 Ignore DeprecatedWarnings on buster in CI
    01fa79469 ci-run: use pytest-3 by default
    075bf1f28 Fix crash when pre-test install failed
    0c1372f9d Fix crash with older python3-tap versions
    02097dd41 Fixup 4ebbc234 - put new test in correct location
    feff6c914 CI do not run analyze for tags
    9d4a91251 Fix documentation
    2354f3899 doc: mention the minimal boot method
    354f33ac2 imx8m device type restructuration.
    4e1090982 base.jinja2: Allow interrupt-newline to be disabled in u-boot
    958068fc6 Fix more sample job syntax
    27fdc5107 device-types: add hsdk
    dd4663b0a multinode: use character_delay
    4ebbc234b power: use run_cmd instead of run_command run_cmd: accept
              command as a string
    9d9650939 Add missing pytest dependency for autopkgtest
    d5bf2c248 Fix typo in f6bb9de2
    b3eefdedb Fix missing change which breaks Debian CI testing