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Document the docker deploy

Also reorder the available deploy methods.
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.. index:: deploy to docker
.. _deploy_to_docker:
to: docker
Pull a docker image from the offical or a private docker hub.
.. index:: deploy to docker image
.. _deploy_to_docker_image:
Either the name of the docker image to pull or a dictionnary with:
* *name*: name of the docker image to pull
* *local*: ``True`` if the image is local, ``False`` by default.
......@@ -55,16 +55,17 @@ Parameter List
.. contents::
:backlinks: top
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-docker.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-download.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-fastboot.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-isoinstaller.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-lxc.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-nbd.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-recovery.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-sata.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-ssh.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-tftp.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-nbd.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-usb.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-download.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-recovery.rsti
.. include:: actions-deploy-to-vemsd.rsti
.. index:: deploy os
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