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  • 2019.03 protected   LAVA Software 2019.03 release
  • 2019.01 protected   LAVA Software 2019.01 release
        ec7875b05 Enhance the Docker admin documentation
        ffe2c0751 Build architecture aware docker images
        e0c651aae Update docs for development changes
        c0eeb4b28 schema: allow for namespaces with interactive tests
        aa94f3ac4 Allow to set uboot_needs_interrupt in the device dict
        79fb10a12 Fix debian installer deploy method
        8b6b53be0 Allow to set fastboot deploy uboot commands
        3975eb4f4 doc: add documentation about x15-bl device-type
        b87dc6816 scheduler: add x15-bl device type
        5d8227c91 scheduler: add recovery support for base-uboot.jinja2
        4ddd44ad6 Tweak the development process doc
        2bbf5c6e5 Update git repository links
        1a9f51494 Drop bashism in vland helper scripts
        7ebb3feab Retrieve the vland version in the protocol
        f2f933399 Improve docs on health check setup actions
        1e596b6ff Improve server|logs|publisher command line parser
        68dd8ff79 device-types: allow to set boot_character_delay in device dict
        92fa46213 scheduler: randomise the device list
        c0c3eb0ef lava-modules.conf should be in /etc/modprobe.d/
        2412366c9 Fix sample jobs timeouts
        68edafac9 CI: install minicom for mps2plus tests
        f3cbdac58 Add lava-server manage command for site
        cc16e4b38 mps2: fix validation and documentation
        32d18fa3b device-types: add rzn1 template
        7a992201c device-types: qemu: Add support for MIPS/PPC/PPC64
        e114b354e qemu: Remove root_partition from sample jobs
        407d857f9 Fix sample job syntax
        049eb5afc sample jobs: move kernel type to the deploy action
        25f37dc62 vemsd: recovery_image is mandatory
        596aa3b29 Enforce realpath for which check
        68b8e54b1 doc: add information about SQUAD to custom-results-handling
        1282c4a25 Remove leftover from py2 to py3 conversion
        dd76f0797 Add voluptuous to lava-common dependencies
        8041e1012 Rework interactive test
        f6bb9de2f Improve job page rendering with large jobs
        e9fa46977 Improve schema validator and move to lava_common
        f116ef3af Add check-devices.py to lava-dev
        02e4d9e88 Fix sample jobs syntax
        b4d84f82f Drop default patterns and fixup dicts
        9fbcca0e4 Separate device and device-type as distinct types
        fb4d5785e Action: name is a class variable
        e990310e0 Remove deprecated functions since django 1.9
        eb25d433e Reorder middlewares according to django default config
        ebf17cbe6 Remove deprecated module
        8a317b0b2 Record JobError in validate()
        3bc657e7b Fix sample jobs syntax
        b7eb162a1 Ensure lxc-templates is installed
        a3524ce9a Expand minimal configuration for connections
        ef2fa8594 Results table: decrease the number of sql queries
        4df8e8464 Handle downloads using "Content-Encoding: gzip"
        f37c03159 Move sample job to the right directory
        37a2fe7fa Remove "connection" from job definition
        d70e2623c Add checks for the connection type
        5260ae1b9 doc: fix broken links
        33918bcb4 Update ./ci-run for lava_common/tests change
        5af8543b1 Simplify docker boot command line build
        f6be3692c Update emphasis lines of literalinclude blocks
        da1d472b5 Fix problems with the purge maintainer script
        28afc08eb Remove add-header mentions
        832fb942b Use render() shortcut
        7ef4ac466 Fix bandit warnings after black formatting
        d483d94a5 Make flasher deploy retriable
        7f3e23ee1 Do not add yaml_line to the job definition
        c76620a55 sample jobs: remove mkimage_arch
        5be4be588 Move test_info to the job level
        9eb721166 'nfs_url' option does not exist anymore
        7c347e04e Fix the increased SAST count from formatting changes
        017285ce5 Remove outdated README file
        b471ee62f Unify test directory name
        46f298251 fix prospector warnings
        f7973476b Final black changes for lava_dispatcher
        6cae9e765 CI: fix black check
        816a47b9b Fix typo in check-devices error message
        bc844be5c Apply black to lava_dispatcher
        40e6a25f8 Apply black to lava/
        93a70fcfc Update restore instructions
        4ef3b776a Test repeat fix
        01432ba06 Convert test_repeat to pytest
        f9e782cc8 Fix repeat logic
        72d563661 Update advice on restoring backups
        bee7cc6da Update documentation example to use correct syntax
        71276203a Fix inline example test job indent error
        3d8cd9e88 Advise on upgrading python dependencies
        e22dbf0c3 Fix states in maintenance.py
        2cf6b51ab interactive: allow to only wait, not sending any command
        bfb7cb47c Fix test stages computation when mixing test types
        8bdc42ef3 Make StdoutTestCase.pipeline_reference a class method
        989b21688 Search the queue by requested_device_type
        32a4c821b notification: protect against potential crashes
        b7254aec6 XMLRPC-API: decrease the number of sql requests
        e65cfdc09 device-types: qemu: Add support for SPARC/SPARC64/MIPS64
        ade4b7e0c Apply black to lava_scheduler_app
        95aa92f9f Apply black to doc/
        54c18a449 Apply black to share/, setup.py and version.py
        c74c15d06 Simplify black listing
        fd04401a9 Apply black to lava_results_app
        8f100d82b Apply black to lava_server
        7aa96e077 Apply black to lava_common
        5e6e902fa Update documentation for new test action support
        bfa253f9b Document the docker deploy
        84d202b28 Device table: tag with <i> when worker is undefined.
        009e21b53 doc: explain how to serve LAVA under /lava
        d86d457f7 device-types: add meson-gxl-s805x-p241
        8fb830b3d REST API: allow to export results in JUnit and TAP13
        b50800bfc Add a new test method for non-posix shells
        ce2627669 Let udev_trigger use the network from udev
        172c6f22c Add a new boot method called "bootloader"
        4e7248342 Add a qemu-aarch64 device-type
        c715f5252 lava_results_app: fix exception when no action_metadata
        229242900 Fix deprecation warnings
        6cc1c7966 Set ProxyPreserveHost on.
        b801a30f4 Create an out-of-tree symlink for djangorestframework
        e6678963c Fix rest_framework static symlink
        cac2cbb7f Allow dependencies of reprepro-master on schedules
        438e23cab Enable reprepro-master
        9788877eb checks: log an error when settings.conf is invalid
        ad6a2c61d CI: only run deploy jobs for scheduled jobs
        f4530df6b TC2 device jinja changes
        349ee8175 Remove unused command migrate-lava
        6690af7cf CI: skip some tests when lxc-start is not installed
        cd7d9e21b Fix crash if dpkg-query does not know about a file
        b9cb118ef Add docs on vemsd and mps deployments
        d0fd22894 Update the docker-admin page for new links
        9bac98720 REST API reduce the number of SQL requests
        4bfad2969 Copy lava-lxc-mocker in the publish stage
        dacd2a41c Fix lava_rest_app support in ci-run
        421e5283d CI: use new sast syntax
        0d75252a4 Apply black to lava_server files
        b28764d28 Fix unit test exception handling
        8e38d322e Add REST API for LAVA
        5a55d6646 Update the release repository only on a tag
        b55b1c1ba Report the version of tools
        3e8f0eb5e Replace with a more pythonic way.
        cef780613 Fix doc typo causing build error.
        62150f062 Apply black to all migrations
        7d040ca09 Optimise to reduce the compare cost.
        688df87de Fix: MPS Serial Buffer
        8a3d6a587 monitor: fix accepts logic
        ade6320a2 Replace the expired job link with a valid one.
        bfa558f30 CI build aarch64 docker image using debian 10
        ef1c54427 Make navbar and userlinks seperate templates
        9270725c9 Correct the path of file "commands.py"
        4e7d05696 Tidy up ci-run
        73d3a74a4 Ensure sample_jobs validate against the schema
        0be0739ab Extend timeouts of example test jobs
        b024c2c69 Skip OverlayAction if the overlay is not needed
  • 2018.11 protected   LAVA Software 2018.11 release
    • 801e74fb LAVA Software 2018.11 release
    • 569b17f5 Allow for devices without an assigned worker.
    • b3422fd0 Fix typos in f7bbf6a8 for worker visibility
    • ff37c802 Add docs on criteria for LAVA on other distributions
    • 4736b01d How to test and recover bootloaders in LAVA
    • 2cae2b41 Fix lava-master crash when device yaml is invalid
    • 570fb324 Allow sdist to be passed to setup.py
    • 51b3fe6f Fix missing part of aarch64 stretch deployment
    • f9a3671c docker: check method
    • 563fac8d Enable aarch64/pkg-debian-9 in the build tasks
    • 7e71a56e flasher: fix substitution when cmd contain whitespaces
    • 5bb71d4a Package the requires.py script
    • d77c8d28 Add CI package script for stretch on aarch64
    • 24eface9 docker: use the new Action.run_cmd helper
    • ddd986e8 Extend the base poweroff timeout.
    • 9d49da1d Remove build from .gitignore
    • 24022feb Fix missing return value in run step
    • b5c51dfa Force Juno to use NFS vers=3 and extend power off timeout
    • 7ddae776 run_cmd: make spaces explicit
    • 87f1e01e Capture the simg2img and img2simg output and log it
    • f40f0f2c Ensure apt is updated before trying to install
    • 06203dfe Add a run_cmd helper to Action class
    • 97132e91 Extend 0f7a7ec8 to other command_output comparisons
    • f0ebf802 Do not send "\n" twice
    • ac0097c4 Fix 500 when rendering device dict page
    • 57d80c2e Add deployment builds to snapshot directories.
    • 9a1a6bfb Apply black to more files in lava_scheduler_app
    • c6bfbd5f Apply black to lava_dispatcher unit tests
    • 0b615023 version: allow user to specify the branch to use
    • f7bbf6a8 Visibility of worker status effects on device views
    • f2d9b658 Apply black to lava_scheduler_app/api and tests.
    • 7980d84c docker tag: move branch name to suffix, not prefix
    • 0f7a7ec8 Prevent index out of range error
    • 984164f6 Fix omission in package deployment script
    • d4b942b7 CI use pytest-3 instead of py.test-3
    • d77c7080 Fix regression in fb4a8838
    • 50411555 Update docs on local dev builds
    • fb4a8838 Standardise on dots in the version string
    • 4a191004 Use the rollback support in requires.py
    • cb86cc09 Improve error message after 4c71c2eb
    • 15d7a905 Include package artifacts into repositories
    • 4c71c2eb Provide more information in bootloader errors
    • abff27c8 CI: skip deploy when lavafed is running latest version
    • f691bc05 CI fix typo for "only.refs"
    • 024b2769 Fix errors in docker-admin page
    • a937a29e CI: add missing requirement to pytest
    • 08ea617a vland: fix crash when finalizing
    • 987280af Fix errors in docker-admin page
    • 89f96b1d CI fix deployment script
    • c5de132b Deploy lavafed-master when scheduled
    • 08eab0bc Fix issues with unit test calculations
    • 7e8a6f44 CI use the new arch specific images
    • 7d2956e4 Sort the --names output of requires.py
    • 0eb0d3ed Set requirements for requests to avoid CVE
    • 8cd80dcb Build packages and docker images for AArch64
    • 1ab6aaa9 Allow unit tests to run without /sys/class/misc/kvm
    • 83649d77 Port 0e598e63 to the xmlrcp api
    • 6335f73d Prevent crash if environment requested for non-POSIX
    • 14b347c5 lava_results_app: convert Decimal objects to string storing as YAML
    • 26bf0af6 lava_results_app: add test case for YAML Decimal object conversion
    • 1744ea74 Change ownership of health checks and device-types
    • 32a2a605 Ignore gitlab-ci files when creating a release tarball
    • bd224fcd Update publish for changes in pkg/docker
    • 2e5e60c9 Drop obsolete gitreview file
  • 2018.10.post2 protected
  • 2018.10.post1 protected
  • 2018.10 protected   2018.10 Release
    • 24f6bc29 Support gdb/openocd for disco_l475_iot1
    • 1d1cf438 Fix resource cleanup when using prefix
    • 7f9796ee Append the defined prefix to the udev rule files
    • 1e60552f Allow a user-specified kernel failure message
    • 8445444b device-types: minnowboard: add initrd command to nfs_commands
    • 7c006f45 Ensure build dir exists
    • 0e598e63 Update package version support
    • 0c75c37b Distinguish between builds on different suites
    • 135269b5 XMLRPC: use django permissions to manage accesses
    • dcf5e135 Fix inconsistent header in docker admin
    • 21f2ddf1 Do not depend on network access for test suites
    • e74e35b9 docs: Improve wording in various places for new users
    • 579b86bb Add docs for IoT boot methods and monitor test action
    • fab08cc2 docker: allow use of local images
    • 0e0f4d35 Comment out people.l.o and snapshots.l.o urls
    • f429369b Support for skipping test shell timeout
    • 32e02b92 Add device-type for qcom QDF2400
    • 368f1321 Help for admins using docker.
    • 82965823 Drop sections on V1 removal
    • 05fcc7f9 docker: allow use of local images
    • d24c2e75 Fix build errors in docs
    • d4cfad70 Import the packaging support into upstream
    • caf3df11 Fix pyocd requirement listing
    • ae66959a Callback add a default timeout to 5 seconds
    • 8e556cba Compute coverage only on master or for tags
    • 8d928d48 Update documentation for changes in share/requires.py
    • 536b3bab Advise use of allow_none in XMLRPC clients
    • 2dc976d2 Update Debian installation instructions for new repo
    • ddc98070 Allow switching to a binary=any build
    • 59ba58b9 download: Raise an Infrastructure Error on timeout
    • 2e3338eb Limit excessive exception messages
    • 1f10f299 Fix undefined variables found by prospector
    • 93529bc6 LAVA-1231 Support multiple boots in QEMU
    • 23f25ee7 Ensure Device.is_valid is checked in submissions
    • 6ca13ea7 Update jobs.list for two bugs found in Linaro
    • 5f36ec66 XMLRPC: allow_none should always be True
    • f077b620 base-uboot: nbd: handle uboot_set_mac
    • 1d2f3861 Fix arch build instructions in build script.
    • a6e61d0f Update pipeline-admin section on device dicts
    • 5d045ede Isolate dependencies for unit tests
    • 97e55bcf Advise against using patterns if POSIX is available
    • cbdc3ca4 Migrate support links to lists.lavasoftware.org
    • b3402256 Do not dump python object in description.yaml
    • 42bfd72d Update the shebang to python3
    • ede13f75 Add index entry for persistence
    • b037a866 Callbacks replace urllib.request with requests
    • a5bfdd71 Disable sorting Jobs tables by state
    • 59add5e7 Drop release-queue.py
    • ecfc5c40 Set InfrastructureError for fastboot-flash-action
    • 8d567960 Fix imports of JobError from the wrong file
    • 38dc6cac Ensure base-uboot quotes fastboot and adb serial
    • 22f64cb6 Use raw string for regexp
    • dd5532ee Apply black formatting to linaro_django_xmlrpc
    • 819986bd Apply black to remaining files in share
    • 9556abc5 Add NBD support for iPXE based DUTs
    • 563b88a0 Keep tags with uppercase letters
    • 74b1d8ca Make version string lexicographically sortable
    • 485bca7a Improve 359f8278 to support all -misc variants
    • 13fe9a5e Fix crash when calling lava-server without args
    • c96946ee Fix BootloaderSecondaryMedia.validate() with
    • arbitrary boot commands
    • 9debcf42 Fix warnings during package build
    • 6a9ad82b add pytest support to lava-dev
    • 1e0de18d Fix missing change in the doc after 9595d66e
    • ee97069d Update Authentication Token page to use lavacli
    • b52d52b5 Add lava-server manage device-tags
    • 9ae06152 Initial blackening support.
    • 8051f1dd Silence SAST warnings about mark_safe for internal data.
    • 146e143d Apply yaml.safe_load to unit tests
    • 01a3b0c0 Silence SAST noise from unit test
    • 9ac2edac Silence security noise from unit test use of assert
    • c4ad0130 Explicitly set autoescape to False for YAML.
    • 3c359acf Point README at new site
    • b9169d75 Fix typo in the variable names for since
    • 53e21ef2 Update jobs.py
    • 386b9efb Add more output to scheduler.jobs.list
    • a7b7939d Updates for the contribution guide
    • fdd55ba6 Improve indexing and linking for device dicts
    • a956159d Support building for specific suites
    • 9a5aa7e9 Minor doc updates
    • 33f3abf6 Update copyright of docs.
    • 8c6761ba Add gitlab ci configuration
    • eefc21ed Fix build errors in manpages
    • 5b9ef16d Port zmq-client example script to Python3
    • 8cd8cee2 Fix copy/paste error in 65ba876c
    • ce3f6120 Use generator expressions when available
    • e6f4ef1d Use isinstance() instead of type()
    • 4440cd74 doc: fix most broken links
    • 60928847 Support LXC with IoT
    • 0cc3653f Allow LXC for FRDM-K64F IoT device
    • 3bb0819f Allow the suite to be specified for requirements
    • dff38715 Fix call to requires.py
    • 7ad9790a Move requirements away from pypi tooling
    • 75c928fe Remove python2 leftover
    • 359f8278 Add support for qemu-system-misc
    • 65ba876c Let LXC protocol calls use lists as in base
    • 79312ea8 Upgrade doc examples to Stretch
    • 6a2638fb Handle cancelled test jobs in get_recent_jobs
    • c56ab4c6 Fix logic in pending_jobs_by_device_type
    • af211db7 LAVA-1398 fix group handling for logrotate support.
    • cdf4aaec Support branch for requires.py
    • 6ff5b43b Clarify some of the lavacli doc items
    • f4948855 Check for download files ending with /
    • 0b25c71b Port URLs to lavasoftware.org
    • 9871e777 Fix link to api/help location.
    • 571ff39e Support ZMQ dependency on lava-common
    • a7acfc0a Document architecture restrictions.
    • 393e52fd Fix vland interface code so it works with python3 too
    • 6fc47648 Certificate directory needs to be available in common
    • e159a369 sample_jobs: fix bbb-initrd-nbd NBD usage
    • 98dfbb37 Add unit test for minnowboard-turbot-E3826 GRUB template
    • 7c01f67a device-types: add x86 Minnowboard Max and Turbot using GRUB
    • 2d373d36 documentation: add note about no kernel type attribute for Depthcharge
    • cc432d33 device-types: define block commands in base-grub.jinja2
    • 5e101d81 run_command: print the output when failing
    • f019af70 device-types: sunxi-common: support booti
    • 8961645f LAVA-1014 add a prefix to tmp directories b022cde9 Fix indent error
    • b885dd11 Improve documentation about dispatcher configuration
    • d9196acd LAVA-1397 - fix crash in callback data
    • 55c52bb6 LAVA-1156 When running under pytest, fake requests
    • c6d61c0e Clarify about Debian point releases of Stretch
    • b051ff1b Add missing show_fail after e3cdf814
    • c4f578e4 Use syslog for lava_lxc_device_add
    • 5f7a2207 Portablility support without using 'os'
    • e3cdf814 LAVA-1384 - Add cancel button to definition pages
    • 5693b68b Fix sphinx syntax in git describe example
    • f2f1af5d Update filtering of TestJob fields in export
    • 927a2882 Fix error in imx8m change
    • d484031f Use git describe to get the version
    • b76fe5a1 LAVA-1295 iMX8M evk device integration.
    • 5f3d1769 Allow user to specify the build directory
    • 09d6a90d LAVA-1380 Drop 'os' from functional test jobs
    • 3af493d4 Update requirement for django-tables
    • 8df4482f LAVA-1383 - allow overrides of posix constants
    • ba035ca7 docker: allow binding to devices
    • 2c507744 Allow for '@' in device name
    • 407db2b4 Revert "Raise a JobError when a cmd output is empty"
    • f2d4490f admin: improve listing and update/add page
    • 953df932 Raise a JobError when a cmd output is empty
    • baf61b46 Check downloaded file size against expected
    • ca74a193 Use OSError when applicable
    • fc083df5 Use contextlib.suppress when applicable
  • 2018.7.post1 protected   Hot fix release for vland support
  • 2018.7 protected   2018.7 Production release
  • 2018.5.post1-2 protected   2018.5.post1-2 release
  • 2018.5.post1 protected   Security hot fix
  • 2018.5-3 protected
    6e7e537c · fix typo ·
  • 2018.5-2 protected
  • 2018.5-1 protected   2018.5-1 production release
  • 2018.5 protected   Production release
  • 2018.4.post2 protected   2018.4 hot fix with combined sourcetree
  • 2018.4.post1 protected   2018.4 initial tag for combined tree
  • 2018.4-1 protected   2018.4-1 production release
    8c128d84 · New production release ·
  • 2018.2-1 protected   2018.2-1 production release
  • 2018.1-1 protected   2018.1-1 release
  • 2017.12.post1-1 protected   2017.12.post1-1 hot fix release