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doc: mention the live patching in acquire

We can patch device-type names and device dictionaries.
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......@@ -127,8 +127,8 @@ A second token should be created to hold the ``lava_server_lavafed_token``
description: lavafed token for federation.l.o
Configuration files
Configuration file
The lab configuration in `etc/labs/remote.lab/master.yaml` should look like:
......@@ -161,4 +161,37 @@ The lab configuration in `etc/labs/remote.lab/master.yaml` should look like:
# List of devices to borrow
- name: "{{ device_name }}"
- name: "{{ device_name_01 }}"
- name: "{{ device_name_02 }}"
Patching device dictionary
Under some circumstances, the device dictionary should be adapted to be used in
In order to patch the device dictionary, you should update the lab
.. code-block:: yaml
- name: device-01
- from: '{% set connection_command = "telnet localhost 2001" %}'
to: '{% set connection_command = "telnet dispatcher-01 2001" %}'
Device-type aliases
In some labs, the device-type naming conventions can differ from the official LAVA device-type names.
The device-type name of a give device might not match any of the official LAVA
device-types even if they underlying device-type template is officialy supported.
In thi case, the official device-type should be specified in the ``config.yaml``:
.. code-block:: yaml
- name: device-02
dvice-type: offical-lava-device-type
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