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debian/rules: ensure services are restarted on upgrades

One cannot stop those services from being handled by dh_installsystemd
and expect it to work. They must be explicitly passed to subsequent
calls with the correct options:

- --no-enable causes the service to not be enabled by default
- --no-start causes the service to not be started by default, and --
  this is important -- still be restarted on upgrades *if* it's running
  at that point.
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......@@ -94,6 +94,11 @@ override_dh_installinit:
dh_installsystemd -Xlava-celery-worker.service -Xlava-docker-worker.service -Xlava-dispatcher-host.service
# optional (not enabled or started by default):
dh_installsystemd --name=lava-celery-worker --no-enable --no-start
dh_installsystemd --name=lava-docker-worker --no-enable --no-start
# started via socket activation:
dh_installsystemd --name=lava-dispatcher-host --no-start
dh_compress -X.yaml
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